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I was born and raised in Livingston, Montana by my mother and grandmother.  My grandma, Shirley Faye had me in the kitchen at an early age. She taught me everything from how to organize the pantry to identifying ingredients at the store and making a detailed list in order of the way we would walk through the same grocery store that I shop in today.  She is everywhere in the cafe with me everyday. I feel her love and hear her words... 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' She would say...that has been the cornerstone of my world always. 


The first Chef I worked for was David Reece. We worked together at The Yellowstone Valley Grill in Paradise Valley.  His love for Jimi Hendrix, passion for delicious food, and business advice was more influential to me than I realized at the time. He told me to go out and build my work in hotels, restaurants, catering, country clubs, even to waitress for 6 months at a chain restaurant. To always aim to make more and work less. He was working summers and spent his winters relaxing in Key West.  The first big vacation I took my kids on was to Key West.  I thought of him everyday while I was there and my heart was full gratitude for his unconditional love and kindness. 

I followed his advice and ended up Chef of a 120ft Yacht in Alaska!  Wow it was amazingly intense!  A crew of 9, we would work 6 weeks on and get 2 weeks off.  It was the most breathtaking experience of my life and the longest days ever.  It taught me perseverance and to dream big!  I returned back to Montana with an almost 2 year old son and my daughter on the way. I started catering and teaching cooking classes to have more freedom.  I worked in Yellowstone and all over Montana.  I wrote a cookbook and became a Private Chef.  This suited me and my family for 10 years.  


Settling into being a single mom, I decided to open a cafe to have more time with my kids.  Faye's Cafe opened July 7th, 2014. I've learned that moments of peace, love and happiness are my favorite and perfect days are the best. My biggest core values are trust and safety.  It is my vision to create this everyday and to share a good meal with wonderful people from all over the world.  This cafe: it feeds my soul and I love my job more than words can express. I am so thankful for everyone I have had the pleasure to cook for and share smiles with.


I have passion for creating and always pushing myself to see farther and expand my horizons.  I strive for a deeper connection to myself, my family, friends, and all the beautiful humans that cross my path. I love to paint or cook and listen to music.  I love hiking and being near or in the water.  You can find me riding my bike around town and enjoying a fun evening or afternoon with local characters at our favorite hang out spots.  I feel free in these moments following my heart and collaborating with the world and people around me to level up and achieve new heights. In sharing laughter and stories we connect and there is no difference and no distance between us.  We are the same...we are one of kind, wonderful and beautiful. The landscapes around me and the animals inspire me to quiet my mind and search out more moments of peace, love and happiness. 


So much love to you!



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